Joburg Autumn Sky 8.31AM

Jpburg Sky 25 May 2016 8.31 AM

Joburgers will tell you our climate is the best in the world. Admittedly stretching it a bit if I, one, we, haven’t/hasn’t at least visited every city in the world! Best climate in South Africa – Yes of Course -:). Beautiful cloud formation. Geographers and Pilots would know which one it is. Frequently though as we head towards winter the sky is completely clear ala the blue in the photo once the cloud cover has burnt off and warm in the middle of the day. Today top temp is going to be 21 C. Yes we can freeze our proverbials off even in the day and the clear nights at 6000 feet altitude can drop the temp right down to freezing and even some time lower. Yes, Northerners we don’t understand 20 below! What about summer? Well we don’t have the incessant wind of CT or the unbearable humidity of Durbs. We have hot days and warm nights without either. Sadly our regular Highveld lightning and thunders storms departed about 30 years ago. Global warming? Go Joeys!


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