Botswana through Namibia travel diary completed 24 November 2016

Hi Hip Hurrah. Almost eighteen months after finishing this adventurous road trip I have completed my personal account. It will hopefully be printed by Christmas as a memento for myself and loved ones. I will thus not be publishing it on the Web for open viewing but have enjoyed posting a few memories from this trip on my blog.

Skeleton Coast 22nd May 2015

We arrived at SpringbokWasser the entrance to the Skeleton Coast Park at 12.06PM. We discovered we had a puncture rear left, and changed it on the other side of the gate. Even though we did not have to dig a hole as gravel was firm, LeBrun’s piece of hard wood and bottle jack were of great value. Out of there at about 12.45 PM. Took about 40 minutes to do the 40 odd Kms to Torra Bay. As we neared it weather changed to grey and chilly mist. Torra Bay is only open as a resort in the December and January season for fishing but people do live there so a couple of guys used our plug kit to fix the puncture and their compressor to inflate. We left the spare on for the remainder of the trip and no more punctures! We travelled South on the C34 coastal road for 103 Kms until exiting the park at the Ugab gate at 4.10 PM. Oil Wreck, Flamingos and Ship Wreck along the way. Very bleak and did not see much.

On the C34 in the Skeleton Coast Park travelling towards Ugab gate 2.07 PM


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