Digital Age

I attended a business Breakfast presentation this morning. Been a while! Most stimulating, particularly the presentation on the Digital Age which is Accenture’s vision of Trends in 2016. Potentially scary if one does not fall into the roles that will survive or be able to connect to those that are new. However I am a (hopeful) believer in foundational competency that does not change with the arrival of new technology. Examples were given at the same event in relation to Learning. The Why of Learning should not change just because we have moved from a printed book to an interactive App.


War Dogs

As I mentioned in my Ondangwa piece I was a dog handler in the South African Air Force so perhaps with some heightened interest while I was waiting for my Mom in the Doctors Rooms this morning I read an article called “The Dogs of War” by Michael Paterniti in the June Edition of National Geographic. Fascinating, while pulling ones emotional strings. Here is the link

Ondangwa – Reminiscences of a troepie

This is a memoir based on memory and letters written by myself to my family and friends and the letters they sent me. It is primarily an account of my time spent at Ondangwa air and military base from February to May 1980. I have looked at the Internet to see if I could close some gaps but this is not a pure historical account. I am also not going to define every military or slang term from that period, readers who were part of the conflict will know and those who don’t, but are interested will find information on the web. Some of the slang words have a literal translation but mean something different in the military vernacular of this period. A good example is “balsak” whose direct  translation is scrotum, more crudely “ball bag’’ , yes a bag to carry exercise balls, but in our military referred to the brown duffel bag that was used to carry all our kit.

P.S. Sadly on the 15 Dec 2016 ereads in South Africa closed their book store. They hosted my memoir for four years as a free download. Thank you ereads for your service over the years. I have thus published my Memoir as an eBook on Amazon.